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Who do you think you are?


Term 4: Who do you think you are? 


This term the children will be focusing on a range of famous individuals who have had an impact on our lives today. These include Ernest Shackleton, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. Year 2 will be given the opportunity to become historians and investigate their lives during the past whilst making comparisons to the present day. 

In Science, we will be focusing on healthy living. This will involve the children investigating how germs spread and why it is important to eat a balance diet. 

If you would like to research more about our topics, there are some books that the children can read at home below. 



We have had some historians in our class today, discussing the roles of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The children discussed and used sources to gather evidence to find out which individual had the biggest impact on our health system today and began to make connections to our larger question `Can one person really make a difference?` The children investigated the lives of each individual and how each lady had obstacles to overcome in order to be a good nurse. They also identified key qualities each of the characters and how they demonstrated these throughout their lives. 




Whilst learning about Florence and Mary, the children also made links to this period of History by using their knowledge of toys and discussed how Victorian toys were different. 



Class Gratitude also received information on the Polar Bear they adopted last term. Everyone was very excited to read the fact file and discuss how their support will make a difference. Thank you again to all the families who attended our parent event last term and donated money to the cause. 

Week 3: 


This week Class Gratitude have started to learn about all the different ways to have a healthy lifestyle. This week the children started by investigating germs and how certain foods can affect our physical well being. 





The children started their learning by exploring how germs can be easily spread from person to person. They understood that everyone should wash their hands with soap to prevent germs spreading which will reduce infection and diseases. 


The year 2s have also started an investigation to help develop their understanding of how different drinks can cause damage to their teeth. For this the children made predictions on what might happen to a 2p coin if it is left in different liquids. Some of the child built upon their year 1 knowledge of materials and how liquid can make metal rust and others thought about the amount of sugar in each liquid. We can not wait to see what happens next.