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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 1 - Toys




We started our school journey off by creating some beautiful paintings of Elmer. We discussed the colours and patterns that we love and each created our very own Elmer. We discussed the story and thought of ways in which we are each special. 

The Reflective Garden



We spent some time this week exploring the reflective garden. We walked around the tree and explored the garden. We enjoyed being together and shared stories of our time at home over the summer. 

The old toy box!



Today we discovered an old toy box hiding in the field. We explored the box and took on the role of being investigators! We found several old toys in the box which we carefully examined. We realised that they were old because of how rusty and dusty they were. Over the week we will explore these toys carefully and discuss our question -

Are new toys better than old toys? 

Team Building



In PE we are exploring team building skills. We are working on our listening and observing skills this week to help us follow instructions. We had to move around the playground in different ways and follow the instructions being said. 

Exploring Toys!



Today we had time exploring old and new toys to answer our history question:

'Are new toys better than old toys?'

We explored both old and new toys with our friends and took turns sharing the items. We discussed what we liked and disliked and made a decision.

Most of the class preferred the new toys because they described them to be more fun. 

I Wish ...



In big write this week we discovered a magical wand in the classroom! We each thought about what we would wish for and threw our wishes into the magical pile. We then created beautiful poems explaining what we wished for. 


Grouping Objects 



Today we explored grouping objects in different ways. On our tables were a selection of random objects which we had to sort through and group. We thought about the different ways we can group objects - size, shape and colour.