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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 1 - Toys

Elmer Paintings

During our first week at school, we read and discussed the book 'Elmer' together. We talked about the ways we are all special in our own way and created our very own Elmer paintings which were all very beautiful and unique! 

Visiting the Reflective Garden

Visiting the reflective garden was a perfect time to share our own stories and discuss what the reflective garden can be used for. We all enjoyed exploring the area and we even found a caterpillar climbing the tree which we all found very exciting!

Investigating the old toy box!

Miss Doran told 1D that we had a special delivery today, but we had no idea what it was! We went outside to explore... Miss Denby and some of the children found an old box! We gathered together and opened it carefully – inside were some toys! But many of the children were quick to notice that these toys were old because they were delicate and dusty! Investigating this will certainly help us discuss our question ‘Are new toys better than old toys?’.

Once we returned to the classroom we had a closer look at the toys and made drawings of the artefacts we had found.

I Wish...

Our classroom was left in a magical mess whilst we were out for break! We entered the classroom and there was magical music playing as well as a key finding in the magical mess - a wand! This led to us having a discussion about what message the wand might be giving us and we knew that they were used to grant wishes! This helped us with writing our amazing 'I Wish' poems which were really excellent to read (Well done everyone!). Lots of fun and exciting wishes were announced! Who knows - maybe some horses, dogs and dinosaurs may be granted soon! 

Our favourite class wish was for us all to be happy, kind and loved - a brilliant wish 1D!