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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Term 1-Race to Space

We had an absolutely fantastic day at Leicester Space Centre. We have found out many more interesting facts about space and loved taking part in all of the interactive elements. We were lucky enough to watch a show in the planetarium all about life as an astronaut!

We have continued our learning about the abstract artist Peter Thorpe. This week, we used paint to experiment with creating different backgrounds. We then used different colours to make different effects and add texture.



This week, a PCSO came to visit Year 5 to talk about the role of the mini police. Lots of children have decided to apply and the children will vote next week to decide who will be chosen. We are all very excited to find out!


In our topic lessons we have been talking about whether we believe that the moon landings were real or faked. We went outside to look at lots of different evidence and discussed whether it was strong or weak evidence. We then had a very interesting chat back in the classroom where we all shared our own opinions!



In dance this week we began looking at how robots move in preparation for creating our own robot dance. We watched videos and discussed the types of movements that robots make. We then had lots of fun working with a partner to devise our own movements!