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Ready, Steady, Grow!


   Autumn 1

Well done to 2S for settling into Year Two!


2S have been busy beginning our new topic 'Ready Steady Grow'.  We have already been on an autumn walk and collected natural media that we used to construct our own pictures with.  The children have started to ask questions about the wonderful world around us and how living things grow and change over time.  There is going to be some exciting growing in 2S shortly, so keep watching our class page!



This week in Maths, we have been using snapping crocodiles to explain the value of numbers and using language such as greater than and less than.  This has allowed us to consolidate our knowledge of place value and understanding the worth of each digit.

Year 2 have been busy exploring Science for the first couple of weeks! We have grown seeds, tested and observed what seeds new to grow into healthy plants.  Explored evergreen and deciduous trees and sorted them, rubbed leaves to explore different textures and to investigate the veins as well as develop our scientific reasoning. 

This week, 2S have shown their ability to order numbers by using their knowledge of tens and ones.  It was tricky at the start but we worked hard to get there!  Well done 2S!


This week the children have shown their ablity to progress from floor work to using the apparatus in gymnastics.  They have worked in groups and pairs to develop sequences.




2s are thriving during our Harvest topic, recently the children explored primary and secondary colours and quickly progressed on to explore tertiary colours.  Then they investigated the Pop artwork from Andy Warhol.  Finally they produced their own printing boards, mixed teritary colours to create their four piece pumpkin print.


Harvest Assembly 


On Thursday 17th October, Year 2 will be performing their Harvest Assembly. Please encourage your child to practice their lines ready for their final performance. The children are looking forward to showcasing their learning about Harvest and especially performing at St Thomas' Church in the afternoon. Can we ask that all costumes are in school by Monday 14th October

We look forward to seeing you all! Thank you for your continued support. 




2s printing pumpkins with teritary colours.


2s have shown their great ability to story tell and we used their chosen fairy tale of 'Sleeping Beauty' to explore hot seating, sequencing and roleplaying.  I can not wait to see their writing after this exceptional week of speaking and listening! 


Year 2 were incredible today!  They performed their Harvest Assembly twice!  The children, parents and staff were so impressed with the children's knowledge and performance at School and then we were able to share songs, art work and some Harvest History at St Thomas' Church- our extended School Family.  They made us all very proud!  


Furthermore, the children organised a phenomenal collection for The Boston Food Bank and we would like to say a huge thank you to all those that contributed and supported Year Two!  What a great end to a busy, amazing first term. 












2S loved our visitors this week!  We have a few children who have decided to become future chefs! They learnt about healthy foods, which foods are grown locally and how these ingredients can be transformed into delicious smoothies! And of course tasting was essential to the workshop!