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Ready, Steady Grow!

Week 1 


What a fantastic week it has been! The children have settled into the routines of year 2 and have already taken part in some exciting learning. We started the week by exploring the four seasons and participating in a `season walk`. The children were asked to collect as many objects linked to Autumn and nature as possible and then create their own pictures using the objects. We had some super pictures including faces, trees and hedgehogs. 





Week 3: 


What a fantastic week! In Science we have been learning all about plants and how different plants and trees grow. The children have all taken part in an experiment which explores hydroponics.We were all curious to investigate whether seeds grow out of soil. All the children added their own seed in a bag full of wet cotton and made predictions. Some children thought that they might not grow because the soil gives the seeds nutrients. We have been keeping a close eye on them and you can even take a look at our window on the key stage 1 playground. 


As well as this, the children have been learning all about evergreen and deciduous trees. We all went on an autumn walk around the outdoor area and looked for different types of leaves. The children noticed that evergreen leaves are wider, thicker and stay green all year round. The children created wax crayon rubbings of the leaves and noticed the veins were clearer on a deciduous leaf. By researching about different leaves we have identified a yew tree and holly bush as evergreen trees. 




Week 4


This week we have been exploring addition in our Maths lessons. The children have been using practical equipment to add two-two digit numbers together. Throughout the week, we then progressed onto using iconic methods to solve problems and used the written column method to add digits mentally. 





In our art lessons, the children have been learning about Andy Warhol and exploring his famous paintings. This week the children have been investigating how to make tertiary colours. In order to create tertiary colours, the children had to identify primary and secondary colours and mix them together. This will then lead on to creating their own art pieces in the style of Andy Warhol.





Week 5


This week the children continued to explore the artist Andy Warhol. We explored the famous image of Marilyn Monroe and discussed how Warhol used an image which he repeated using the printing technique. In order for the children to create their own repeated image, they first created a stencil of a pumpkin by tracing the image onto a polystyrene board. They used a blunt pencil to carve the shape of the vegetable into the foam and added additional markings. After, the children mixed tertiary colours using printing ink and used the paint rollers to cover the boards. Once the children had completed this step, they then placed the boards onto a piece of card to reveal their own printed pumpkins. We were all amazed by how effective the Pop Art pumpkins looked!. Well done year 2. 




Harvest Assembly 


On Thursday 17th October, Year 2 will be performing their Harvest Assembly. Please encourage your child to practice their lines ready for their final performance. The children are looking forward to showcasing their learning about Harvest and especially performing at St Thomas' Church in the afternoon. Can we ask that all costumes are in school by Monday 14th October

We look forward to seeing you all! Thank you for your continued support. 


Week 6


This week in English, 2K have been reading the story Sleeping Beauty. They have all taken part in a range of practical activities such as retelling the story using drama and using hot seating to find out more about the characters. Once the children became more confident with the story, they then retold it using a story mountain. The children understood that the beginning of the story had to be represented at the bottom of the mountain and the middle or the `problem` would be represented at the top. They used pictures and then made notes on their own individual story mountains. Next week the children will continue to make comparisons of settings from the story and begin to retell the story making substitutions of characters and objects throughout.


Week 7


Year 2 were incredible today!  They performed their Harvest Assembly twice!  The children, parents and staff were so impressed with the children's knowledge and performance at School and then we were able to share songs, art work and some Harvest History at St Thomas' Church- our extended School Family.  They made us all very proud!  


Furthermore, the children organised a phenomenal collection for The Boston Food Bank and we would like to say a huge thank you to all those that contributed and supported Year Two!  What a great end to a busy, amazing first term. 







Also this week, the children had a visit from Willoughby Foods Farm. They were given the opportunity to taste a range of fruit and vegetables and create their own smoothies. For this the children prepared the smoothies by cutting and peeling the fruits and then working with an adult to help use the blender. After creating the smoothies, the children discussed how fruit and vegetables grow and the different categories that they fall under. The children enjoyed learning about the different parts of a plant and identifying which vegetables you can eat.