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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Race to Space 'Does a path have to be straight and is it ok to be lost?

Our overarching question

Does a path have to be straight and is it okay to be lost?

Mindfulness Area

Encouraging the children to use our Mindfulness area of the classroom, if they need some quiet time or to simple stop and think


Classroom Charter

As part of the introductions into the Diversity class, the class expressed their wishes on what they could do to help the class family work together and achieve well. I particularly liked the thought of recognising each others feelings.


Playtime Fun




In addition to our PE lessons, we have been using the Adventure Playground regularly. We have been climbing, balancing and sliding. The smiles are evident and it is brilliant to help improve our fitness.


DT prototypes in action

Part of our DT lesson was to use our designs to create a prototype. Using straws, we made the frame structure. At the end of the lesson, we recapped about 'triangulation' and understood the need for triangles to enhance the strength of the frame.








Saying Thank you

To say a huge thank you to our parents and carers for helping us over Lockdown, the children made a lovely thank you card each. The care and thought that went into this was just fantastic!







DT Taboo game

To rehearse using vocabulary linked to DT, the children played 'Taboo'. They were brilliant at avoiding saying the tool and described them confidently.




Football - dribbling with control


The children thought back to dribbling in Year 3 and were very quick to recognise that they didn't have much control. They explained that the ball would go in front of them too far rather than being close to their foot. Already the progress is clear.

Value of numbers recap




The children worked hard to record the underlined digits when recapping the value of numbers.