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Marvellous Maps


Thank you to everyone who came to Year 1 on Friday to take part in our Kandinsky inspired art. We hope you had fun and enjoyed learning about primary colours when painting your houses. They all looked brilliant!  

Our Woodland Walk


Thank you to all of the parents and carers for coming to support us on our walk. We had such fun collecting leaves, splashing in puddles and walking around our local wood. We were able to describe our walk the following day in our big write lesson. We used lots of interesting vocabulary to describe our experience. 

Addition Fact Families


This week, we have been using our knowledge of addition to create the four associated facts. We discovered that when we add both parts they can be added in any order as long as the whole is the answer. We then learnt that the equal sign can be moved in a number sentence to either the beginning or the end.  We used practical equipment to help us see how the same numbers can be reused. 





The Three Little Pigs


Over the past two weeks, the children have been learning about the traditional tale - The Three Little Pigs. We have spent time ensuring we know the sequence of the story and are able to confidently retell to an audience. We sequenced the story using images and then orally retold to our partners. We then used a Pie Corbet style retell which included actions to help us remember all the parts.