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Little Acorns

This week in Reception we have been looking at the story of the 'Little Acorn', its a story about how an acorn changes into an Oak tree and then grows more acorns. The children really loved their learning this week about all things Autumnal, We began the week going on an Autumn walk, we were so inspired by the changes that we could see occuring we decided to collect different objects which relfect Autumn and create an Autumn exploration tuff spot in the classroom, from this the children used pastels to draw parts, collaged leaves to create hedgehogs and counted acorns.


We have been trying hard in our PE sessions to get changed by ourselves and keep our clothes safe and tidy, this has been tricky, its important to keep practising at home aswell as at school. In PE we have played lots of short games, 'The Bean game' being a favourite and we have been working together to help one another on and off equipment to show how being kind and supporting each other is important.

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