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Autumn Term 1

​​​​​​Roman Nmerals 


Hope Class have taken advantage of the lovely weather that we have had and taken their learning outside. In Maths, we have been focusing on Roman Numerals and how they are still important after thousands of years. We have been developing our understanding of how to write Roman Numerals and how to follow their rules. Did you know to write 9 in Roman Numerals, you have to do 10 - 9? 9 is recorded like this 'IX'. There have been many rules we have had to follow but perseverance and resilience have blown me away! For example, one of the rules we have to follow is that you can not have the same letter more than three times next to each other. That means, if you want to write 6 in Roman Numerals, you would not write it like this 'IIIIII' but write 6 like so 'VI', 

Challenge for you all - Can your child write down their age and your age on the pavement!

Alberto Giacometti



This term, we have started our learning of Giacometti by following a video that explains how to make a person in the style of Giacometti using pipe cleaners and tin foil. The children were excellent at following the instructions to make the body of the human and then to start wrapping the tin foil around their human but ensuring that the limbs are very thin. This has taken lots of patience but they have shown resilience and we can't wait to share with you how they are looking! Well done Hope Class!

Thank you to our Mums, Dads and Carers


To say thank you to our parents and carers, we decided to make a thank you that shows that we care and want to help but also a chance to showcase our learning.


The inspiration behind the book came from a book we are reading in our English lesson which is also known as the colour monster. This is where the monster is all muddled up and was unable to explain his feelings when they need help.

Zone of Relevance



In English, we have been continuing working hard on our hero posters for someone brave and fearless to come and defeat Grendel (apparently Mr Shortland wasn't strong enough!)

To help us choose the highest level of vocabulary, we have used a zone of relevance to help us choose the best words that we could think of that will help us in our writing. If you see a hero poster around the area, be sure to contact King Hrothgar.

Beowulf - Who can help Hrothgar from the monstrous Grendel?



In English and Guided Reading, we have been reading about the tale of Beowulf and how he defeated Grendel. King Hrothgar was tired of being harassed by this fearless monster so he sent for a hero. Along came Beowulf to save the King but did he survive?

In English, we are writing a wanted poster for a hero for someone to defeat the horrible being that is Grendel. We have had lots of fun trying to understand what Grendel and King Hrothgar were feeling and their motives for hurting one another. Lots of hot-seating, discussions and predictions have helped us gain a better understanding of how these beings live.

Will Beowulf defeat Grendel? Will there be a hero that is brave enough to stand up to Grendel? Keep an eye on this page for more details as the weeks progress! 

Tag Rugby


In one of our PE sessions, we have started our learning on how to play Tag Rugby. Our 1st lesson has seen us developing our ball handling skills through a series of games and challenges which also developed our teamwork skills. We then moved onto how to pass a ball in a game of Rugby and discovered that our arms need to have a pendulum momentum to them to allow the ball to travel in the right direction. 

We are all looking forward in seeing how our understanding of the game will develop under Mr Melson!

Learning to play the Ukulele



At the beginning of our first term in Year 4, we have started where we left off in Year 3 in learning how to play the Ukulele. However, before we picked up a Ukulele, we first revisited how to read the notes FACE on a treble clef stave and where they would be found to develop our music theory understanding. 


We then reminded ourselves on how to hold a Ukulele, how to pluck and strum the strings and then practiced plucking and strumming to a song titles 'My Dog Has Fleas'.


Moving forward, we will be learning how to play different chords and switching between chords when playing a song. We will also continue our music theory work as we try and gain a better understanding of note values.