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Autumn Term 1

Our Stars This Week

A big well done to the first stars of Courage Class this academic year. Our star of the week has been an amazing role model, ready to learn, attentive in class and quick to answer questions. He has also shown resilience and worked hard in all areas of learning. Well done, keep it up!


Our first values certificate was very much deserved. Always demonstrating our school core values, working well with others, applying herself to all areas of learning, asking questions and showing great patience make her a very worthy recipient, well done!

Alberto Giacometti

Our art this term focuses on the work of Alberto Giacometti. After looking at some of his sculptures and talking about their key features, we decided to make some of our own. Using pipe cleaners, we created people with elongated arms and legs and began to add foil to give the same effect as his work. We were really engaged in our work and can't wait to complete them!

What makes a river, a river?

In Geography we have been thinking about what makes a river, a river. After identifying what we already know about rivers, we were introduced to five of the world's most famous ones. We found out some key facts about each one and identified the country they were in.

Can you recall where we would find the Yangtze River?

What do we know about the River Nile?

Can you name the world's largest river found in South America?  Which country is it in? 

What do you know about the longest river in Africa?


We were then challenged to draw what we thought a river looked like and add in any key features we thought were in important. I wonder how our drawings of rivers will change over the time of our learning this term?

In English and Reading, we have been looking at the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf.  Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, starts off as a very content King pleased with how successful Denmark is. After building a hall, which he names Heorot, for his warriors to use for feasting and meeting, his fortunes begin to change. An evil, gruesome monster is lurking nearby. After being woken by their laughter and merriment, the monster strikes. Breaking into Heorot, he snatches some of the warrior and feasts on them in his lair. After months of finding anyone who dare sleep in Heorot missing by morning, Hrothgar is heartbroken. The monster must be found!


After reading the description of Grendel the monster, we created our own sketches of what we imagined him to look like. Using our knowledge of adjectives and nouns, we added description to our images to identify some of his key features.


'strong, muscular legs' Yanar

'razor sharp teeth' Sonny


Gruesome Grendel

The Colour Monster

We started our year together exploring The Colour Monster book. Discussing how the monster was confused by the different feelings he had, and how he was helped to sort them out, we identified the different colours we associate with our feelings. Like the book, we created our own set of feeling jars, allowing us to identify some of the different feelings we have at different times.


In some of our Classroom Collective Worship time, we have been thinking about the importance of giving thanks. With the Colour Monster in mind, we created thank you cards to take home, thanking our parents and carers for keeping us safe during lockdown and teaching us at home.