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Apple Week

This Week in Reception we have been looking at 'Apples'. In maths we looked at the book 'Ten apples up on top' which had a catchy song to go with it, this led our learning into more, less and the same. I am sure that you have heard about our 'apple crumble making' from your child as they were all extremely excited to be both making and tasting it, this steered our Literacy to writing about the key ingredients. Towards the end of the week we did an apple investigation looking at what happens to apples when you cut them and leave them open. In PE this week we have continued to play listening games but also looked at the importance of warming up and cooling down properly. In our choosing time we have been putting alot of focus into our fine motor activities lots of threading, tweezer using, brick tower building and pencil control. A very busy week. looking forward to the next!

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